Centaur® horse friendly fence products are built to last. These durable containment systems are backed by either a 20 or 30 year warranty, depending on product. See instruction manuals for warranty details.

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Centaur® , The Horse Friendly Fence®, prides itself on providing safer, long lasting containment fence systems.

Due to the high tensile nature of Centaur® fencing systems, proper installation methods presented in the installation manuals must be followed to ensure peak performance and long lasting containment.

Centaur Customer Service must verify that proper installation methods are followed in order to provide warranty coverage and help ensure the optimal safety and product performance of your fence system for years to come.

Warranty registration must be submitted to Centaur Customer Service within sixty (60) days of purchase. If you are unable to register online you may submit the required registration information by US Mail (postmarked within sixty (60) days of purchase). Please send warranty registration with photos to:

Centaur® Fencing Systems
Attn: Customer Service
2802 E. Avalon Avenue
Muscle Shoals, AL 35661

Please contact Centaur Customer Service at 1-800-348-7787 with any questions regarding US Mail registration. By submitting warranty registration through US Mail, you acknowledge the warranty requirements, rules and restrictions.

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