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Electric Hot Rail® combines the high tensile safety of Centaur® with the added security of an electric fence.

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Hot Rail® Fence System

Deluxe Bar



  Integrated electric bead.

 Deluxe HTP® Polymer thickness for extra durability.

 Innovative two-piece “belt-loop” line bracket system
    for optimal attachment.


»  4,200 lbs of strength per rail

»  Withstands -40°F / -40°C to 200°F / 93.3°C

»  Available in 330′ or 660′ rolls

»  30 Year Limited Warranty

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Hot Rail Electric Five Inch Rail


Hot Rail® Electric 5″ Rail

Hot Rail® contains a conductive bead that eliminates the need for a separate hot wire installation. This innovative hybrid rail technology has all the features of a Centaur® fence system with the added benefit of an electric charge.


Centaur® Two-Piece Line Bracket

No additional insulator required. The innovative two-piece Centaur® line bracket is self-insulated, protecting the Hot Rail® from unwanted grounding. Centaur’s exclusive two-piece “belt loop” design reduces friction, promoting flexibility and easy adjustment.

Centaur Two-Piece Line Bracket


Hot Rail® Fence Accessories

*Hot Rail® cannot be installed on T-Posts. *See all Sure-Fit® Rail Accessories

Hot Rail  Sure-Fit  Accessory Checklist Wood Line Post End or Corner Post Installation Accessory
  Centaur® Two-Piece Line Bracket  ü
  Hot Rail® Termination Bracket  ü
  Hot Rail® One-Way Barrel Tensioner  ü
  Two-Way Barrel Tensioner  ü
  ISO Pad (required with Two-Way) ü
  Inside Corner Roller ü
  Splice Buckle ü
  2.5″ Screws ü
  3.5 – 5″ Ring Shank Nails ü
  Undergate Cable ü
  Snake Eyes Electrical Connector ü
  Cutoff Switch ü
  Energizer ü
  Fault Finder ü
  Spinning Jenny ü

Concerned with cribbing or unwanted large predators? Consider incorporating Hot Rail® into your fence configuration for ultimate perimeter strength, safety and respect.

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