orange-header-left-borderSELECTING THE RIGHT FENCE

When choosing the best fence for your property, there are many factors to consider:

orange-header-left-borderFence Safety

How does your fence material react when subjected to rubbing, leaning or impact?

Centaur’s high tensile fence technology absorbs pressure along the continuous length of material, allowing the fence to rebound and help keep contained animals safe. Along with flexibility, Centaur® fence systems are smooth and do not splinter, rust, rot or crack. No fence product is 100% safe, however, Centaur® technology helps provide containment solutions that are safer than traditional fence materials.

  • Braided rope fencing can break easily, and carries the risk of tangling the horse.
  • Wood and rigid PVC boards can fall, shatter or splinter under pressure causing a dangerous breach or impalement on impact.
  • Woven wire mesh contains spaces that may potentially trap a horse’s hoof, especially a foal.

orange-header-left-borderContainment Strength

What kind of animals do you own and how many do you wish to contain?

Reinforced flexible fencing, like Centaur®, is one of the strongest fencing options available. The size and temperament of your animals will help determine your needs. For example, an area designed to contain a stallion may require a four rail fence with eight foot post spacing while another for mares may only require three rails with a twelve foot post spacing. Contact a Centaur fencing specialist to help you plan the best fence configuration for you application.

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orange-header-left-borderEase of Installation

Much faster than traditional wood fence installation.

Centaur® fence systems install in continuous lengths. No painting required. Simply unroll, attach and adjust tension. Instruction manuals and on-line videos are available to guide you through the steps of installation. If you prefer the experience of a professional, please Contact Us and we will connect you with a nearby installer.

orange-header-left-borderCost and Maintenance

Budget considerations can be a factor when designing fencing projects.

Investing in Centaur® fencing systems provides long term savings when compared to high maintenance wood fence enclosures. Centaur® is virtually maintenance free. With no boards needing paint or replacement due to rotting and cribbing – very little upkeep is required throughout the life of your fence. With Centaur, enjoy a long lasting high tensile fencing system without the need for costly maintenance and continuous repairs.

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Elegant, long lasting fence adds beauty to your property.

Centaur replicates the beauty of a traditional wood rail fence. However, Centaur fence systems have enduring qualities that provide a longer lasting investment than wood.

Start Planning Your Project

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