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Safe and reliable containment is essential to all horses. Many veterinarians choose Centaur® flexible fence to protect the horses they love. Veterinarians and horse owners recognize how Centaur®, The Horse Friendly Fence®, helps prevent both minor and serious injuries often caused by traditional fencing.

Dr. Dan Moore

“I absolutely love our Centaur fence. Not only does it still look good after over 15 years but it has actually saved at least 2 of our horse’s lives and it even saved mine! 

A young stallion eager to get closer to the mares and had apparently tried to jump the fence and only made it half way. Suspended by the fence with back feet dangling, there he hung! No telling how long he had been dangling there. Who knows what the outcome would have been with wood fencing!

Another instance occurred with a blind rescue mare. Much to my dismay I saw the blind mare being chased “full speed ahead” by several other mares. She ran into the Centaur fence at a fast gallop, bounced off, slid under it down on her side and hung herself up. By the time I got to her she had freed herself and walked off. Not a scratch, not a limp! I can only imagine what a wooden fence or other would have caused.

Finally, Centaur saved my life too! With the front end loader I was moving an old wore out manure spreader back to the junk pile. As I slowly rounded a tight corner I lifted the spreader higher to clear the fence. As I did the tractor started over and I was soon to be a dead vet. Quickly hitting the clutch to my surprise it stopped rolling. The strong Centaur fence that I had lifted the spreader over caught the spreader allowing the tractor to correct and right itself. I said a prayer and cleaned my pants. Once again not only had Centaur saved the day. It had saved a life – mine! Wooden fencing would have only broken.”

Dr. Dan Moore, D.V.M.
The Natural Vet

Dr. Shelley Blenden



“A three board oak fence took the life of  “Chester” the beloved horse of Dr. Shelly Blenden, DVM. Chester was galloping along the fence line where “…there was slick clay mud and he was unable to stop”. The impact of the collision caused the wood fence to spear Chester in the chest. When Shelly Blenden, DVM needed to purchase fence, she knew board fence was not an option. “I needed something that would keep my horse safe…I chose Centaur. I can feel safe…if he can’t stop, Centaur will protect him.”

Dr. Shelly Blenden, D.V.M.

I took a three year old stud colt in to train and had turned him out to pasture for a day off with another colt. He kicked uphill at the other horse and hung himself in the fence. I saw it happen from the house and by the time I got to him he had kicked free. He only had superficial skinned places and some hematoma in the following days…but it was not necessary to call the vet. I can only begin to imagine what it would have been like on any other type of fence. Experience tells me that I might have lost the horse and all that time I put in on him… I have had this Centaur Fencing for more than 10 years now and am convinced it will outlive me.

John M. Hutcheson, Gab Creek Farm: Foundation Morgans

Marquette, MI“I was skeptical about this fence being able to hold up our extreme winters here in the upper Peninsula of Michigan but it has proved me wrong. It has withstood 40 below zero weather and still gave when pushed against… I’m amazed. Thank you for building such a safe and reliable fence! I have talked to a lot of my fellow horse friends into Centaur. I think everyone should have it at their barns. I know it’s all I ever use.”

Marquette, MI

Carolyn, Ottowa, OH“Our first consideration in choosing Centaur was safety. For the past two years our young stallions have put it through every test imaginable, and it has passed with flying colors.”

Ottawa, OH

Adams, TN“We had a pony chase 8 heifers around the pasture… they all got scared and bunched up together and ran into the fence as a group at full speed. It was like a cartoon. They all bounced off in the opposite direction and kept going. The fence held and didn’t even break the 4-inch posts. The fence paid for inch in that moment.”

Adams, TN

Sun Spots Ranch“We use the fencing for horses and were away for the weekend… When we returned, a storm had broken a tree and a huge limb was now resting on the fence… Once the tree and debris was removed, we were able to tighten the fence and it looked great! … Thank you for a strong and durable product.”

Don and Carol Bartolet
Sun Spots Ranch
Dunnellon, Florida

“We installed 12 miles of Centaur Fencing on our new farm in Saratoga-County, New York… and have spent less than six hours in the past 18 months on maintenance. Its greatest asset to our operation is the safety factor. Horses just do not get hurt when they come into contact with this fence.”

Blue Sky Farm, Saratoga-County, New York

“The car wound up three feet inside the pasture, snapping off one fence post and pulling one out of the ground. The fencing held up well, stretching but not breaking and it actually stopped the car. When the car was removed, the fence was in place enough to contain the horses. It confirmed my faith that your fencing is the strongest, safest reliable.”

Burdett, NY

“We feel your fencing pays for itself every time the brakes fail on one of our youngsters or a foal puts a leg through a rail. Centaur has kept our seven horses injury free and given us peace of mind when we leave them.”

Pass Christian, MS

“My wife and I observed foals just learning their boundaries hit the fence and bounce off unhurt. On several occasions we observed mares jockeying for dominance force one or the other into the fence; again without injury to the horse or the fence. We have never had an injury of any kind with your product; now have we had to repair any fence since its installation. Centaur Fence has guaranteed a safe pasture and paddock boundary for our horses, coupled with the fact that it’s maintenance-free. In my opinion that translates to one heck of a product.”

Pleasanton, CA

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