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Centaur® is our deluxe horse friendly fence system. Crafted with HTP®, a specialized blend of high tensile polymers, each rail is embedded with three strands of 12.5 gauge high tensile steel wire providing superior strength and flexibility.

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Centaur® Fence System

Deluxe Bar


 Deluxe HTP® Polymer thickness for extra durability.

 Innovative two-piece “belt-loop” line bracket system for optimal attachment.


»  4,200 lbs of strength per rail

»  Withstands -40°F / -40°C to 200°F / 93.3°C

»  Available in 330′ or 660′ rolls

»  30 Year Limited Warranty

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Centaur® Two-Piece Line Bracket


Centaur Two-Piece Line Bracket

Centaur’s two-piece line bracket, embedded with a steel reinforced bar, is virtually indestructible. This exclusive two-piece “belt-loop” design allows the fence rail to move freely through the bracket. This promotes easy tension adjustment and flexibility upon impact. Works with both Centaur® (non-electric) and Hot Rail® (electric) flexible rail systems.


Centaur Barrel Tensioners

Centaur’s low profile tensioners mount unobtrusively to end or line posts, preserving the traditional rail appearance. Specially designed for 5″ flexible rail, these tensioners are crafted from heavy duty steel and powder coated to help prevent corrosion. Barrel tensioners make installation and adjustments simple and fast. The block and sprocket design requires no special tools. Tensions with a standard 1/2 inch drive socket wrench.

Centaur® Barrel Tensioners


Centaur® Rail Accessories

*Centaur® Rail cannot be installed on T-Posts. *See all Sure-Fit® Rail Accessories

Centaur®  Sure-Fit  Accessory Checklist Wood Line Post End or Corner Post Installation Accessory
 Centaur® Two-Piece Line Bracket  ü
 Termination Bracket  ü
 Termination Loop  ü
 One-Way Barrel Tensioner ü
 Two-Way Barrel Tensioner ü
 Inside Corner Roller ü
 T-Bracket ü
 Splice Buckle ü
 2.5″ Screws ü
 3.5 – 5″ Ring Shank Nails ü
 Spinning Jenny ü

Centaur® 5″ Rail is easily combined with other Centaur® rail and strand fencing.

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