orange-header-left-borderPLANNING YOUR FENCE PROJECT

The first steps for a Centaur® Fence System quote is to carefully plan your project and create a sample layout. A preliminary sketch of your fence layout will help with your estimate and parts recommendations.

Sample Sketch
Total minus gate size: 48′ + 40′ + 56′ + 32′ + 10′ = 186′
186′ (total) – 10′ (gate size) = 176′ (total without gate)
download fence sketch template

orange-header-left-borderSample Layout

Before selecting your fence, here are a few things you will need to answer during your fence project planning:

  • What is the total number of running feet of the area to be fenced?
  • How many rails of fence do you want to install? Do you want electric?
  • What post spacing do you want to use (8′, 10′, or 12′)?
  • Gate quantity, location and size.
  • What type of corners are needed, 90 degree or 5 post rounded corner?
  • Are you fencing level or irregular terrain?
  • Will you install the fencing yourself or hire a professional?

Multiply number of feet to be fenced by the number of desired rails to estimate total amount of fence needed. Be sure to subtract gated areas from rail totals.

View Guide to Fencing Square Acres
Fence Accessories Diagram Background

A. One Way Barrel Tensioner

B. Termination Bracket

C. Two Way Barrel Tensioner

D. Inside Corner Roller

E. Splice Buckle

F. Line Bracket

Need More Fence Project Info?

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