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  • Installation Photos: These installation photos allow Centaur® Customer Service to assist you with any adjustments that may need to be addressed for the proper function of your fence system. By submitting installation photos, you give Centaur® Fence Systems permission to use the provided images for informational and training purposes only. Customer names and locations will not be shared or sold. For example:

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    By submitting this form, you represent that you are authorized to submit this financial information and that all information presented is accurate to the best of your knowledge after appropriate due diligence. You understand this submission is intended to be relied upon by ES Robbins, Inc. for evaluation of extending credit. Customer agrees ES Robbins, Inc. Terms and Conditions of Sale shall govern all transactions. Further, applicant agrees to pay all charges in full within the due date of the invoice and is responsible for all related collection costs as well as attorney’s fees. This application is binding when executed using handwritten, electronic or digital signature – and, any such signature shall be valid. The laws of Alabama shall govern the legality of this document.

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