Each Centaur®, Hot Rail® and CenFlex® 5” Flexible Rail is embedded with three strands of 12.5 gauge high tensile steel wire, providing superior strength and flexibility (up to 4,200lbs of strength per rail).

The 5” Rail Systems are crafted with HTP® high tensile polymer material (a specialized blend of impact modifiers, UV stabilizers and anti-fungicides) for durability, stain and mildew resistance.

Centaur Fencing Systems are Climate Tough – Withstands temperature conditions from -40°F / -40°C to 200°F / 93.3°C without becoming brittle or experiencing breakdown.

Yes. Instruction manuals and on-line videos are available to guide you through the steps of installation. If you prefer the experience of a professional, please contact Centaur and we will connect you with a nearby installer.

Centaur® has a network of professional installers throughout the United States. You may use the Dealer Locator or contact Centaur Customer Service for assistance.

Centaur recommends treated wood posts:

•  For Corner/End Posts, Centaur recommends 6″ to 8″ x 8′ round wood posts.

•  For Line Posts, Centaur recommends 4″ to 5″ x 8′ round wood posts.

A standard post height is 54″ to 58″ for level terrain.

The range recommended for line post spacing is 8’ to 12’. A layout with closer line post spacing increases the overall strength of your fence.

Lay of the land and animal containment needs can help determine the best post spacing requirements for your project.

Lay of the Land:

For example, a perimeter on level to gentle terrain may use up to a 12’ space between line posts. Irregular terrain may require less distance between posts to better customize the perimeter for your project.

Animal Containment:

The size and temperament of your animals will help determine your needs. For example, an area designed to contain a stallion may require a four rail fence with eight-foot post spacing while another for mares may only require three rails with a twelve-foot post spacing. Contact a Centaur fencing specialist to help you plan the best fence configuration for your application.

Line post spacing is best determined by the diameter of your pen. With a larger diameter, wider spacing can be used. However, closer line post spacing increases the overall strength of your pen. For bracing, refer to the Instruction Manual provided for details.

Note: All pen posts must be a length of 8’ and concreted during installation.

The 5” Rail Fence Systems may be placed either along the inside or outside of the fence post perimeter. For safer animal containment, Centaur recommends placement along the animal side of the perimeter.

Inside Placement:

•  Denies animal access to the fence posts.

•  Provides optimal safety performance.

•  Is the strongest method of installation.

Centaur Fencing Systems can be customized to suit your perimeter needs.

You may either install three to four Flexible Rails, five Safety Coated Wires, or a combination of Rail and Coated Wire.

See the Centaur Fencing System fence combination information in the Planning Guide for more information.

Example below based on a Four Rail System on a typical 55”post height (installed on level terrain):

•  Use a 1” distance between the top of the rail and the top of the post to allow the top line post bracket to be flush with the top of the post. If you want a little more of your post to show above the fence line, then additional space will be required.

•  Distance between rails 7-1/4”

•  For spacing between the ground and the bottom of the lowest rail, a clearance of 12” is recommended.

Please review Installation Manual or contact Centaur Customer Service for more information.

A One-Way Barrel Tensioner can maintain up to 660’ of fence on level terrain. A Two-Way Barrel Tensioner can maintain up to 660’ of fence in each direction on level terrain for a combined length of 1,320’.

Each barrel tensioner is capable of tensioning 660’ of straight rail, but you must deduct 100’ from that length for every directional and elevation change.

Yes. However, for small animal containment, Centaur recommends that you install posts at 8′ intervals to allow less gap if contact is made with the fence rail. Closer post spacing will reduce the amount of flex in the rail system.

Most horses do not like to chew on Centaur Fencing Systems 5” Rail because it is not palatable to them. If are concerned that your animals may chew or crib, then consider using the Hot Rail® Electric 5” Rail product. A charged fence will also help keep active cribbers away from wood bracing and line posts.

Centaur® Fencing Systems are built to last. These durable containment systems are backed by either a 20 or 30-year limited warranty, depending on product. See instruction manuals for warranty details.

Contact Centaur Fencing Systems Customer Service if you have any additional questions.