Centaur Innovative Horse Fence

Install an Asset or a Liability?


The leading cause of injury to horses is due to accidents with traditional fencing.

Unlike other fences, Centaur’s superior strength and flexibility significantly reduces injury and death to horses, saving money on expensive trips to the vet, and protecting horses from harm.


Centaur® fencing is virtually maintenance free.

It requires no painting or expensive repairs. Centaur offers unprecedented warranties on all our fencing.


Centaur fencing looks as elegant as tradtional fencing without the costly upkeep, adding value to your home and property.

What makes Centaur® HTP® the safer fence for Horses?

Centaur’s proprietary system utilizes HTP® (High Tensile Polymer), our exclusive cross-linked polymer technology, to create an incredibly strong and flexible fence rail.

Each rail is installed in a continuous length, allowing any impact to be absorbed by the entire length of fence.

Two-Piece Centaur BracketOur patented “Belt Loop” Bracketing System allows the fence rail to slip through the bracket, dispersing impact.

Special polymer brackets have a steel core that add strength and durability.

Your horses stay contained and protected with no broken fence rails to cause devastating injury.